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Carbon fibre is made of one of life's base elements - carbon. Carbon fibres are fine filaments, made up of elemental carbon. Fibre types range from amorphous carbon to crystalline graphite. The main features of carbon fibre as a material for design and manufacture are its incredibly high tensile strength, approximately 15 times the strength of construction steel. High rigidity, up to 3 times the stiffness of steel.

These two features mean that carbon fibre is a great material for making high performance products. It is also a great material for design. The high strength to weight ratio, in combination with high rigidity, offers superior design freedom. This has led to carbon fibre being used in a diverse range of products, from yachting to high performance motor vehicles, to sporting goods.

Quality Products
RaceComp use only pre preg carbon fibre. These are the same materials used in aerospace and race cars like Indy car and Formula 1.

Pre preg simply means pre impregnated, so the carbon fibre materials used are supplied to us with the optimum quantity of resin already in the fibres. These resins are far superior to the kind of resins you can buy in your local marine shop and must be cured under pressure at elevated temperatures to achieve their properties.

When required carbon parts can fully engineered for guaranteed performance. No job is to big or to small for us at Racecomp. Specializing in one offs for the performance mind, or if just for cosmetic looks.